See, before we made the big announcement, the stress of this move was on our shoulders, but since we hadn’t told everyone, there wasn’t a place to let that stress go.  As we have thought about this move, one thing has been on my mind. A move this big with three little boys, who love their swim team, are starting to make roots in our community, and who seemingly have what they need right here, is terrifying.  But, Why?

I figured it out today, I know the problem.  The fear is in the room for failure.  The possibility that they may not love it there.  The chance that we may not find the same type of swim team, the possibility that the community we find may not be as inviting as we hope.  The chance, that we, as parents may not be able to provide what our boys need.  It’s the risk.  It’s the possibility that things may not work.  It is the fear, the complete life altering fear, that we might let them down.  It. Is. Terrifying.  
As I reflect more though, I realize that our boys are not losing from this adventure, no matter the end result.  Our boys are gaining so very much.  They will see more of our country (and Canada!).  They will have the opportunity to learn to ski.  They will learn what it feels like to venture to a new place.  They will begin to understand that distance does not mean relationships end.  They will develop a sense of appreciation for memories and how important they are.  But more than anything, with this move, our boys will be surrounded by love when they are sad.  They will be surrounded by grace when life is overwhelming and they make the wrong choices.  And they will be filled with the spirit of adventure.  See, life will be different.  But the way we love our boys, that won’t change, and really, that love is what they need more than anything.

On top of beginning to accept that what our boys need most is our love, encouragement, and grace…I also find myself believing that they will learn something much bigger.  Our boys will learn that risk is okay.  That change is and can be good.  And that sometimes, we fail.  Sometimes, things don’t go as planned.  And when we fail…or when things don’t go as planned, our job, in fact our purpose, is to pause, breathe, and figure it out.  What a lesson for three bright little boys.  What an experience for them to be a part of before they are adults. Knowing that we can take risks.  We can sometimes fail.  Very often we will succeed.  But when and if we don’t, as long as we are surrounded by love…by encouragement…and by grace we will recover.  We will find our way.  And in the end…we will have each other.

So here is to the things that go perfectly and the things that go completely wrong.  Because in the end, the five of us will be okay.  Most likely better than okay…and, the best part is, we will have each other through all of it.