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True? Maybe.  11 years ago we moved to Florida, with the intention of staying for a few years and then moving back north, back to seasons, back to mountains, back to the history of the north east, back to mountain streams, winter skiing, and so much more.  But life happens.  And 11 years later, we have made amazing memories, grown our family, met wonderful people, and learned SO much.  And now, the next chapter begins..

And although it has been our dream, I can’t say that I think it is a “dream come true”, see, a dream come true comes with ease…with little effort.  A dream come true is perfect, or as close to perfect as you can get.  But this dream, was anything but effortless and it certainly isn’t and won’t be easy.  

With the realization of this dream, there is also a chapter closing.  A chapter here in Florida, that we have truly come to love. There are people here who have helped to grow our sweet boys.  Grandparents, coaches, teachers, friends, family…too many to count, who have helped to shape our boys into who they are today.  And although we will come back and we will visit, those relationships will look different.  When we leave Florida, the one thing I wish for our boys is that they take with them the love, the lessons, and the strength they have been given by the people in our lives here.  See, our dream is being realized, but not without leaving behind a part of our lives. 

Our hearts long for the mountains…for seasons…for camping…for connecting with nature.  Being able to share that part of our beings with our boys, will be amazing.  Each of us journeyed to South Carolina 13 years ago this summer, not knowing what to expect and certainly not expecting to find the rest of our lives.  But we did.  We found each other.  And we found each other in a place where our hearts were full.  Outside.  In the woods.  Connected to the Earth and to the beauty of nature, we built a relationship.  The purity of the woods, of being disconnected from the world allowed us to truly learn about each other, and in that, we found love.  13 years later, being able to share that love of nature, the mountains, rivers, lakes…with our boys…is a dream.  But it isn’t without chaos…and it isn’t going to happen with ease.  Moving will be hard and expensive.  Moving will create chaos and it will push us to our limits. But the beauty of this is that we get to embark on this adventure together, we get to take this journey with or boys.  And that, is a dream.

So although this may not be a dream come true…it is a dream.  It is a messy, crazy, chaotic, terrifyingly awesome dream.