It is amazing how quickly the summer is flying by, we have been gone two and a half weeks and will be heading home soon. We have had the opportunity to spend time with some of our favorite people over the last two and a half weeks, it will definitely be hard to say good bye.  One of the great things about New England (along with the Mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, cities, trees, amazing grass, winter snow, etc) is the fact that you can travel from state to state in a day trip.  So there is always plenty to do and see. Over the weekend we were blessed to have lots of time with cousins to play and celebrate just being together.  Our boys are very fortunate to have so many family members to love them when we come here.  There has been no lack of playing, smiling, laughter, cuddles, and love.  I hope that they will always feel that love.  I pray that as they grow older they will appreciate the gift of love that they have been given.  We spent several days playing together, both at home and some small adventures.  It has been a wonderful week of summer play…the boys have been summer tired every night.  How fortunate we are to be able to play hard and rest just as hard each night.  

Summer fun on a slope and slide and kiddie pool…these were a big hit!  Nothing like back yard fun!

Family BBQ…good food with good people!

Smug Mug.

Happy Mug.

So fun to see this guy be so nurturing with his little cousin, he is missing her this week!

New Friends!

Being six, it’s tough, but not when you have people who will listen and give you those special moments.

Cuddling at the end of a long fun filled day. TT loves his cousin Chris!

Very amazing Bald Eagle at the Ecotarium!  The boys loved this place!

Storm simulator, strong winds in the forecast!

Not so sure about the glass floor.


Look at that focus!  Not every kid can make a ball levitate!

A Rhode Island favorite on our way to get seafood and go to the beach!

This kid LOVED dough boys!

Ice cream…at a creamery…where you can see the cows from your seat.  

Beach.  He LOVES the beach.